Madonna Ministry International

Ministerial Ordination into the Madonna Ministry

The purpose of the Madonna Ministry is to teach, counsel, inspire and heal by example and through service, and in the process, strive to convey consciously and purposefully the creativity of our Christ-like self.

What We Understand

Divine Will we understand to be the masculine and Divine Grace is the feminine, Christ is the manifestation of the Triune God. Spirit as Mind as Body is Undifferentiated Spirit in Form, the Absolute in the Material, the Infinite in the Finite. God is All in All as All.

The Individual Soul awakened, recognizes and utilizes the Life Force in a creative and constructive way, is cooperating with the Divine impulsion through the synthesis of involution expressed as evolution.

Cosmic Grace is the Divine Feminine often referred to as the Holy Spirit, the Holy Comforter exemplified by the Holy Madonna, who nurtures and stimulates the creative expression by impregnating the seed of the Father (will) in the fertile substance of the Mother (cosmic grace) resulting in the form, the formidable Christ.

Christ-like self emerges in each individual as a beneficial presence in the world. Divine Love is the impulsion, beneficial activity is Its compulsion, the compelling force is God expressing Itself creatively through us. "Be still and know that I am God." God is love and love is awakening humanity of its Christ-like self.

Life force is Love expressed as the will-to-good, always expanding from Its center which is everywhere to Its boundless circumference which is nowhere to be found.

Love is the synthesizing Life force that recognizes Unity in diversity, and awakens the Christ consciousness to the Infinite Good in humanity. Love is the way and the threshold to Goodwill (God-will), right relationships, peace, creative fulfillment, infinite joy and boundless truth. Love possesses nothing and provides everything.


Why do we call ourselves Madonna Ministry?

We call ourselves Madonna Ministry because we are interested in ushering in the Christ-like awareness. We understand all divine revelation comes through the intuitive faculty of humanity. That science, religion and philosophy are all essentially arriving at a Universal understanding of One Life force animating all creation.

Humanity is awakening to the God-like presence within us that we call the Christ. The infinite Presence we call the Father-within, the Source, God Almighty. The infinite Mother is called Cosmic Grace, the Creative Medium, and the Holy Comforter. The infinite Christ-like presence is called the divine offspring, an Immaculate Conception that is forever begetting Itself.

God is Love as presence. God is Law as principle. The Christ-like individual abides in Love and fulfills the Law of being. We as ministers and teachers look beyond appearance to the indwelling-Christ and affirm Truth.

Sacrament of Empowerment

The Sacrament of Empowerment is the Madonna Ministries gift to humanity given to our founder The Most Reverend Arnold Michael, D.D., L.H.D. This sacrament recognizes that God is the creative force within us and invites us to become aware of the purpose of our incarnation. The empowerment comes through us as us. Expressing our own creative Christ-like self is living sacramentally. Love is the impulsion, creativity is the compulsion and location is the form.

The Sacrament of Ordination is offered to individuals who already are ministering to others. It is a spiritual and legal acknowledgment of your authority to serve in this capacity.

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Blessed Virgin Mary

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