Madonna Ministry International

About the Madonna Ministry

Bishops Charlie and Mei Lan

  • We Understand Divine Will to be the masculine and Divine Grace to be the feminine. Christ is the manifestation of the Triune God. Spirit expressed as mind and body, is Undifferentiated Spirit in form, the Absolute in the material, the Infinite in the finite. God is All - in All - As all.


  • We Understand that the individual soul awakened, recognizes and utilizes the Life Force in a creative, constructive way and is cooperating with Divine impulsion through the synthesis of involution expressed as evolution.


  • We Understand that Cosmic Grace is the Divine Feminine often referred to as the Holy Spirit, the Holy Comforter exemplified by the Holy Madonna, who nurtures and stimulates the creative expression by impregnating the seed of the Father (will) in the fertile substance of the Mother (cosmic grace) resulting in the form, the formidable Christ.


  • We Understand that Love is the synthesizing Life Force that recognizes Unity in diversity, and awakens the Christ consciousness to the infinite good in humanity. Love is the way and the threshold to Good will (God-Will), right relationships, peace, creativity, fulfillment, infinite joy and boundless truth. Love possesses nothing and provides everything.

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