Madonna Ministry International

Madonna Ministry Ceremonies

These ceremonies are created and chosen to give you a wide choice of style and content, both formal and casual. Don’t feel that you must choose one of these ceremonies, you are welcome to combine any portion of these or use them as a guideline to write something of your own choosing.

Most importantly, these ceremonies are the rites of passage that helps all participants of the ceremony to transition from one place in their lives and ushers in the new path and journey in their new "life". You as the facilitator and Minister, Priest/ess or Bishop, is the holder of the energy matrix that will set the tone, bless their new path, honor their highest selves, and mirror their hope, dreams and intentions for the rest of their lives, both here on earth, and beyond. You are in that moment, a clear and perfect channel for the Divine Grace and Spirit - as above, so below.


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Blessed Virgin Mary

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