Madonna Ministry International

Tenets of the Madonna Ministry


  1. We are disciples of the Divine Mother
  2. There is one Power, one Presence, one Life and one Intelligence that expresses Itself everywhere and in everything
  3. All beings are individual expressions of the One Universal Spirit called by many names; that which is nameless
  4. Good will, unconditional love, gratitude, spiritual discernment, and humility foster direct revelation of enlightened understanding
  5. Any act which causes one to garner a greater appreciation and awareness of Essential Divinity is a sacred act
  6. Insights and intuitions are direct perceptions of truth
  7. Mystical union with the one encompasses all
  8. Expressing creativity is expressing divinity
  9. Awakening to one’s true nature is fostered by simple acts of kindness, prayer, mediation, chanting, devotion, faith, selfless service, right human relation, and by expressing one’s creativity in beneficial ways

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