Madonna Ministry International

Naming Ceremony

by Bishop Ann William-Fitzgerald


Ceremony conducted by Rev ___________________________

We will begin with a prayer to Spirit

We are as Great Spirit created us

We are its eternal offspring

light and joy and peace abide in us.

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Traditional Naming Ceremony

by Bishop Ann Williams-Fitzgerald

I would like to welcome everyone here today to celebrate the naming of -________ __________________.

They [Parents] have welcomed this child into the world and now proudly present him/her to the family and friends.

This occasion, the naming of a child in the presence of Godparents signals that this child is very important, not only to his parents but to this community. The public naming of a child is an acknowledgment of the love and care parents have for their child.

My wish for this child is that ________________ is loved, truly for himself, that the love of his parents, Grandparents and Godparents is freely expressed, so that he can grow up in the surety of that love. It is said that a loved child grows, and I have certainly seen evidence of this. There are some very tall, loved children around today.

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Blessed Virgin Mary

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