Sommer Family Humanitarian Fund

Sommer Family
Humanitarian Fund

Between now and December 25, 2017 we will contribute up to
$4500 matching your contributions to our outreach programs.

Simply click here to donate.

Follow the instruction: As a donor or member of the Madonna Interfaith Community you may make a request to to assist others who are often overlooked by the much larger charitable organization. We are a 47 year old not-for-profit, California corporation.

Here are our 2016 donations:
$300.00 Chippewa Tribe,

$300.00 Red Lake Tribe,

$300.00 Coachella Mission,

$800.00 Phoenix Rescue Mission,

$500.00 UU Church of Ventura,

$500.00 Woodbridge Homeless Outreach,


$300.00, The Heifer Project

$300.00 Heifer Project-Water Purification,


$500.00 Ministers in need

$750.00 Sisters of Today.

Over the years, we have donated coats and clothing to North Dakota Native tribes and the
Ventura Women’s Shelter; bought backpacks and school supplies for children in need; repaired cleft palates; helped to obtain eyeglasses for children; donated food to the USO; helped individual families in need; a women’s empowerment program; a no-kill dog rescue center; a children’s orphanage in Phoenix, sent personal care products to young women in Africa—the list goes on and on!

These gifts can only be given with the generosity of our members and friends. Your donations are making the world a better place—You guys rock!!!!

Want to get even more involved? Do you have a “close-to-the-heart” program that you want to submit for consideration? Are you helping someone?

Let us know.
Please contact us at madonnaministry@, to make your request or
to let us know about our program.

The committee meets quarterly to review applications
and make recommendations to the board.