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October 17, 2020 MIC Virtual Convention Schedule

11 AM EST till 7 PM EST

(8AM PST till 4 PM PST)

11 AM- Welcome, announcements, opening ceremony

11:45 AM-Break with music by Bonnie Lee Panda, 

          or other TBD

12 Noon- Fellowship hour and lunch (possibly with 

        periodic background music by assorted artists

1 PM-      Past life Regression workshop with Jean 


3 PM-     15 minute break with music

3:15 PM- Brief description and history of healing with

        singing bowls and tuning forks with Bishop

        Laura Dunfield

3:30 PM- Vibrational sound healing session with Fred


4:30 PM- Crystal Grids with Bishops Paula Goldman

        and Sally Dwyer

5:15 PM- 15 minute break before final ceremonies

6 PM-     Ordinations, consecration(s) closing ceremony