Madonna Ministry International is the Ordaining Arm of
the Madonna Interfaith Community, a “Church without Walls.”

       We have no dogma or creed. We do not insist that all Madonna Ministers must practice their spiritual path in a specified way- you can practice Native American path, Tibetan Buddhism, Goddess/Pagan path, or whatever you are in resonance with- all paths lead to One. We do not insist that you must do ceremonies or administer sacraments in a rigidly orthodox manner- you are free to create ceremonies that resonate with your inner guidance or beliefs, or use ceremonies that others have created, including very Catholic ones- as long as you don’t harm any living thing. We do not insist that you must participate in any Madonna Ministry functions or events. And we do not insist that you be “trained” in a particular manner with a specific lesson plan and agendas.

     All Madonna Ministers are free to express their spirituality and creativity in the ways that resonate with them and are within the accepted norm of Integrity (i.e. most people agree that lying, stealing, cheating and hurting others is not okay behavior) and legal boundaries (we do not want you to do anything that is illegal in your area of residence). So whether you like to swim with dolphins, or commune with Extra Terrestrials, or if you like to run off to Siberia to do ceremonies (as I do), or dance to the beat of drums in the moon light under special astrological alignments, or sit in deep contemplative silence on a mountain top, etc., we accept and acknowledge that you are walking your Spiritual Path as your Inner Guidance and the Divine Mother directs you.

The Madonna Ministry is a fast growing international ministry, with vast diversity of expression and depth of experience and wisdom; we have nearly every flavor of spiritual expression on the planet within our ministry. It is a microcosm and mirror of  many varieties and ways of practicing spirituality. We have Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Shamans, Native Americans, Catholics, Pagans, etc. in our ministry and we come from diverse backgrounds that have trained us to perceive and expect spirituality to be practiced in certain ways that are acceptable to us.

That means that for some Madonna Ministers, the more orthodox and codified ways of performing sacraments i.e. Catholic & Apostolic ceremonies, is the right one. For others, the “Living Ceremony” is the right one. Some feel that to be trained within a specific and sometimes rigid system is the right and only way, for others, they choose to go into the Silence, and hear the voices of their Spirit Guides and need no others to tell them how to do it. For some, the rosary is sacred and beautiful, for others, it’s the Buddhist prayer beads, and for others still, they find the sacred in all things and need no beads. The freedom to express your spiritual Path without judgment is the basis of the “Church Without Walls” philosophy that we are strongly defending.

At every level, the Madonna Ministry ordination is an acknowledgment of an existing service to mankind, to life, to the world, and to the Ministry. What that means is that each and every ordained Madonna Minister is already walking his or her Spiritual Path, is already trained in the service he or she performs be it in nursing, counseling, teaching, flying helicopters, law and police work, healing, writing, painting, dancing, etc. and is manifesting the Intention and Vision of the Divine Mother. We do not go out and act as missionaries to convert or make sales pitches to bring in more people.

Each minister has requested the ordination because he or she resonates strongly and deeply with some aspect of the Divine Mother be it Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, Isis, the Goddess, etc., otherwise they would be ordained in the Universal Life Church or some other church. Many have been ordained through Bishops who had them as students in their classes on spiritual development (or whatever the classes are named). That means that most ordained Madonna Ministers are trained in their service field, and have gone through some sort of spiritual guidance training. Some have gone through many years of spiritual training before receiving their Madonna Ministry ordination. And I know EVERY Madonna Minister have experienced many past lives practicing their spiritual paths – we have all been nuns, monks, priests and priestesses in our past lives. I recall sitting in a circle of MM’s in Charlie’s grotto and realizing that we had all been nuns in the same nunnery in 15th Century France! How much more spiritual training do you require??? You can acquire textbook knowledge, more tools to help you perform your service, and more understanding of the vast nature of the Universe, but we cannot instill spirituality where the desire doesn’t exist.

So in a nutshell, every Madonna Minister came pre-wired for spirituality and service. Isn’t that incredible???!!! That means we can get down to the nuts and bolts of doing our Divine Mission of Healing the Planet without waiting for everybody to be on the same page with the “right” training! The differences in the training that each MM has gone through vary in degree and flavor, but not in focus or direction. They have all been directed to the ONE, they are all aligned with the Intention of the Fulfillment of the Divine Plan and the Mission of the Divine Mother, however differently it manifest in each person’s life. And I have faith that the training each has received was the RIGHT training for that person.

So what is the purpose of the Madonna Ministry if each individual Madonna Minister already came with a Path and Purpose? The major Purpose of the Madonna Ministry is the Unfoldment of the Divine Plan of the Divine Mother – we can’t always see what that is except in hindsight, but you can bet that the Divine Plan exists and we are part of it. As a Buddha radiates the Light and Clear Sentience and Consciousness into the world and changes the world, so collectively, we are here together to lend our energies, vibrations & frequencies, our hands and hearts to the overall mission of the Divine Mother – to Heal the World. The Madonna Ministry, in radiating the Divine Mother’s Love, Compassion and Healing into the world, is fulfilling the Purpose of the Divine Mother. We are also here to do it in the microscopic and physical level in our individual and personal Path and Service. Which leads us to the other large Purpose of the Madonna Ministry – to support the many different ways the Madonna Ministers are walking their Path.

That means if your path is teaching, our we will soon offer classes on our website– a possible vehicle for you to reach more groups and share your wisdom. If your path is writing – you can reach the community through the website. If it’s counseling and working with Grief, and Transition/Death & Dying, we have others with the same interests and you can find a group for support or to reach those in need of the counseling services in hospitals and prisons. As the many spokes radiate outward to support the wheel, the many MM projects support the Circle of our Madonna Ministers. That is the reason for all the “structure” that you are seeing. The Board of Directors and the many committees that are sprouting so quickly are an expression of the desire to support the different Paths and Purposes of our ministers. Together, we have a huge amount of skills and wisdom, together we can support more effectively your individual Paths and Purpose.

The Madonna Ministry, doing business as the Madonna Interfaith Community is also a legal non-profit corporation (501-C) – that means we have to do certain things in a legal prescribed way to fulfill legal requirements. That is why we have Corporate Officers and Members of the Board of Directors. As well, those of you who understand the “As Above, So Below” law of the Universe: those officers and Directors are the physically manifested energetic pillars that support the Spiritual Intention and Energy of the Madonna Ministry. Now, there are 6 corporate officers and 8 Directors to act as energetic Pillars to hold the Intentions of the Madonna Ministry. Can you not feel the tensile Strength and incredible Power of their focused Intention holding the Circle of the Madonna Ministry as we move forward into the future? No longer a Pyramid, but an endless Circle of Creativity, Compassion, Joy, Wisdom, Strength, Integrity and Balance. Yes, the journey of shapeshifting can be scary, but with so many to hold our hands through the process, we can emerge joyfully out of the chrysalis into the sunlight, and spread our wings to fly across the earth creating new visions and manifest a new way of being while honoring the past and what has gone before in the long journey into Light.

So will the Madonna Ministry lose it’s special Beauty and Grace? I don’t think so – I will work very hard to make sure it will not happen. I think there will be more of it as many more MM’s participate in the many projects and pour their Love and Joy into what they love to do best, and is supported in that journey. It will be more fulfilling for those who wanted to have more involvement in activities and projects, and for the MM’s who have always been solitary and monastic, life will be just the same. We will continue to respect your need for Solitude and Silence and provide additional avenues for service.

      Ongoing communication is the key to open growth. Open mind and spirit as well as tangible activities are keys to healthy growth for the Madonna Ministry. We have a website, Gatherings, Conferences, Retreats, Journeys, Newsletters, and various committees as well as ongoing projects for education and humanitarian needs.
Please join us in our efforts to bring Peace, be the Chalice for the Flame for Humanity, and create a better world for our Children and Grandchildren!

To learn more about becoming ordained into the Madonna Ministry, please continue to this link: Why Become a Madonna Minister