As a Madonna Minister, you are empowered to perform:

-Spiritual wedding ceremonies (in the U.S. & Canada), baptisms, funeral services—as authorized by the laws in your jurisdiction

-Spiritual healing & spiritual counseling.

As a “Minister” of a living community, you are accorded a certain level of respect, credibility, and spiritual authority.

As a Madonna Minister, you can receive newsletters, participate in web discussions and classes, participate in any of the Madonna Ministry gatherings and meetings, create your own webpage and/or link your profile to your personal website. You are in a worldwide community of loving, compassionate and conscious spiritual beings that you can network with, share and connect with, and learn from.

The Madonna Ministry is a rich resource for all humanity and is a holder of many spiritual and energetic lineages from Alice Bailey & Madame Blavatsky’s teachings, to the rich traditions of the Native Americans and Tibetan Buddhism, to the Celtic traditions of the Goddess and Priestess, to the Apostolic Succession of the Priesthood of Melchizedek. You received the empowerment through the sacrament of Ordination and are then an energetic holder of the many lineages depending on which Madonna Ministry Bishop you were ordained and blessed by at the time of your ordination. You can receive further empowerments from any of the powerful Madonna Ministry Bishops at other Madonna Ministry Gatherings.

All Madonna Ministers are able to enjoy and take advantage of all the free classes that are given by various people who has generously given their time and energy.

Examples of classes:

Mentoring Others

Spiritual Leadership

MMI Bishop Orientation Classes

MMI Minister Orientation Classes

MMI Prayer groups

All Madonna Ministers are encouraged to take advantage of the Mentorship Program – to be mentored by Elder Madonna Ministry Bishops so that you can be more successful and effective as a Madonna Minister at any level.

All Madonna Ministers are encouraged to network and connect with other Madonna Ministers around the world to create new shared activities that promote, enhance and manifest their personal and global Missions, Purpose, and Journeys.

As a Madonna Minister or Priest/ess, you are encouraged to move forward on your spiritual path through learning, sharing, and growing in your personal, professional & spiritual life, as well as continuing on to be ordained as Priest/ess and Bishop. On that path, it is very much the case of As Above, So Below. What you are in the higher dimensions, are then made manifest on Earth, and has greater spiritual validity, power, and authority to create good on the planet. You ARE a manifestation of the Sacred, a Chalice of the Divine Intention, and Keeper of the Flame of Love, Truth, and Peace.

As a Madonna Bishop, you are empowered to ordain into the Madonna Ministry those you deem appropriate. You are the Gatekeeper – their spiritual guide and mentor, to offer wisdom and teachings when requested. You are also the energetic “Pillars” of the Madonna Ministry, to uphold the frequencies of the Divine Intention, the Divine Mother/Feminine/Mother Mary, etc., and to hold the Light for the planet and all sentient beings.

As a Madonna Bishop operating your own centers or churches, you may enter into a Sponsorship agreement with the Madonna Ministry to use the Madonna Ministry 501(c)3 non-profit church tax status in order to raise donation funds that will be a tax deduction for the donors in order to support your Ministry and Mission.