Bishop Charles Sommer

Director Emeritus: Bishop Charles Sommer

Bishop Terrie Riley

President: Bishop Terri Riley

Bishop Jenny Dickason

Vice President: Bishop Jenny Dickason

Bishop Diane DeLuna

Chief Financial Officer: Bishop Diane DeLuna
The ministry sadly reports that we lost our beloved Diane to an aggressive illness in early January 2018. She remains in our hearts and is guiding us as she travels to her next destination.

We love you Diane!




Chief Financial Officer: Bishop Diane DeLuna

Bishop Evelynn Maurine

Secretary: Bishop Evelynn Maurine

Bishop Sally Tschantz-Dwyer

Madonna Ministry Chair: Bishop Sally Tschantz-Dwyer

Bishop Stacey McCann

Sommer Family Humanitarian Fund Chair: Bishop Stacey McCann

Bishop Franz J. Zoder

International Chair: Bishop Franz J. Zoder