How to be ordained in the Madonna Ministry

Our core belief is anyone who serves from the heart (spiritual awareness) is serving the God Concept, (Higher Self, Life, Essential Divinity, etc.).

Our ministry is closely akin to the healing arts. We feel that it is the Divine Feminine in all of us that nurtures and heals us into to full expression of our unlimited potential. Ultimately, the only thing to heal is a sense of separation from God. We understand that some of the spiritual values that bring us into an appreciation of Unity (knowing ourselves to be ONE) are Love, Understanding, Joy, and Peace. Most religions are an attempt to know, love and to serve the God Concept (Essential Divinity) in the Light of the One. The Divine Masculine leads the way home in concert with the Divine Feminine. The Marriage of the two is coming home to the One. The wonderful music we make is once again in resonance with the Whole. Halleluiah, Alleluia! My Brothers and Sisters of the Infinite Presence.

If you wish to be ordained, you must consult a bishop and follow their course of preparation. The bishop will recommend you for ordination and file the appropriate documentation.

Ensure your fundamental beliefs are aligned with the tenets and purpose of the Madonna Ministry.

That you are ministering in some capacity or have been taught to do so.
Contact the Madonna Ministry office for information on becoming ordained as a Madonna Minister: attention Bishop Sally. She will refer you to a Bishop in your area who may be able to ordain you.

If you are currently in a training program for ordination by a Madonna Ministry Bishop, your bishop should have all the necessary paperwork for you.

Next Steps to Ordination:

We are happy to have you step into the process of ordination. 

Details can be found here (with documents linked below):

Send the following to your ordaining Bishop: (you may choose)

  1. Signed Madonna Ministry Pre-Ordination Memorandum & Agreement (this doc above)
  2. Letter of Intent (your purpose & how you will utilize your ordination)
  3. Spiritual Resume (your path or lineage, history of your journey)
  4. 3-D Resume (links or evidence of your teachings, blogs & interviews, course offerings)
  5. Madonna Ministry Information Sheet
  6. Signed Madonna Ministry Ethics Agreement
  7. 3 check-ins with either Bishop calls (3 in one call is possible) or attendance at Sunday Services, ideally teaching during 1 week
  8. Payment to Madonna Ministry for $120 ($75 annual dues, $45 ordination and certificate):

We look forward to learning about your gifts.

Please remember the ordination service is by design to be both an initiation and an act of empowerment. It enables you to expand your services, aids you in the path you have chosen, and puts you into an association of like-minded Citizen of the World.

Blessing of Light-Love-Power to all, Madonna Ministry International, the Ministerial Outreach of the Madonna Interfaith Community