“Honoring the divine feminine with open arms, open hearts, open minds” ~ Madonna Ministry International

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We are a global, spiritually centered community who resonate with Divine Feminine in all forms.

The Madonna Interfaith Community is composed of the Madonna Ministry International, Inc., “a church without walls,” our humanitarian arm, Sommer Helping Hands and Hearts Foundation, and our educational arm.

Our Purpose

Awakening spirituality through service and education.

Our Values

Compassion for All,

Service to the World,

Celebrating Diversity,

Integrity in All,

Strength in Community.



The Self-Love Series Part 5: The Complexity and Psychology of Self-Esteem

Assessing self-esteem can be quite problematic. The issue lies in the fact that self-esteem can fluctuate on a moment to moment basis throughout the day. It is also often related to a role or function. Some people can have millions of dollars while also battling social anxiety or depression. Others are excellent at dating but […]

The Self-love Series Part#3 – Building Self-Love

The Self-love Series Part#3 – Building Self-Love If you want to build up self-love, the first thing that you have to do is purification. The reality is that most people have picked up a lot of wild and irrational beliefs, values and attitudes that are not real. They cause a lot of damage. There are also […]

Self-love Series Part 4 – Alternative Self-Love Strategies

There are actually a wide variety of self-love strategies. What’s important to understand is that it is not really an additive process. You need to shed the shin or beliefs, values and attitudes that you adopted to protect yourself in this life. Being in a relaxed state of mind helps you to do this. Anything […]

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