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We are a global, spiritually centered community who resonate with Divine Feminine in all forms.

The Madonna Interfaith Community is composed of the Madonna Ministry International, Inc., “a church without walls,” our humanitarian arm, Sommer Helping Hands and Hearts Foundation, and our educational arm.

Our Purpose

Awakening spirituality through service and education.

Our Values

Compassion for All,

Service to the World,

Celebrating Diversity,

Integrity in All,

Strength in Community.



Are you listening? Because I wasn’t!

Are you listening? Because I wasn’t! I have had a tough year and a half or so. I don’t think anyone would dispute that fact. My husband was ill for about a year with surgeries, hospitalizations, and finally a terminal diagnosis ending in his last few months on hospice before his death. Two weeks later […]

Life (God) is not absorbed by It’s Creation

Octogenarian Wisdom Life (God) is not absorbed by It’s Creation Being in my body for 85+ years I have discovered a very important concept which is that “God” is not being absorbed by Its creation. It took me several years to understand this . I’ll do my best to explain what it means. How it […]

Octogenarian Wisdom

My grandkids think I am wise. What I see in my grandkids and my great grandkids is that each generation comes into the world seems brighter and more aware. We all learn by being taught from families, schools, cultures, mores and ethics. We learn to be nice, careful, kind and considerate. We also learn to […]