“Honoring the divine feminine with open arms, open hearts, open minds” ~ Madonna Ministry International

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We are a global, spiritually centered community who resonate with Divine Feminine in all forms.

The Madonna Interfaith Community is composed of the Madonna Ministry International, Inc., “a church without walls,” our humanitarian arm, Sommer Helping Hands and Hearts Foundation, and our educational arm.

Our Purpose

Awakening spirituality through service and education.

Our Values

Compassion for All,

Service to the World,

Celebrating Diversity,

Integrity in All,

Strength in Community.



I was deeply moved the first time I heard singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco’s song

I was deeply moved the first time I heard singer-songwriter Ani DiFranco’s song Overlap as she describes a relationship. And it was much later that I realized how clearly this can speak to my experiences within interfaith communities, and in particular, for the areas of diversity and inclusion. Ms. DiFranco wrote a phrase that you […]

First new Solstice early morning swim. . .

Pushing through the water, Cat Steven’s rendition of “Morning Has Broken” runs through my mind and I sing: Morning has broken like the first morning Blackbird has spoken like the first bird Praise for the singing, praise for the morning Praise for them springing fresh from the world. Then turning around with a backstroke, the […]

Cultural Transformation and Walking With Integrity

One year ago, I stepped into the role of President for the Madonna Interfaith Community, wide-eyed and optimistic about our new beginnings. It was my first opportunity to work with MIC’s continuing transformation. It has been a year of change, both challenging and inspiring. Early on, I asked that we be mindful of our words. […]