Madonna Ministry International

Madonna Ministry International Definitions


A Madonna Minister supports and embodies the Divine design for life and honors it in others:

  • Is an individualized expression, connected and guided by the Divine Feminine in trust, unity, compassion and balance encompassing all faiths.
  • Is committed to consciously modeling hope and living in integrity and congruence with a sincerity of heart while expanding consciousness, being available and being a sanctuary


A Madonna Priestess or Priest stays in attunement with the Divine and assists in ceremonializing life passages:

  • Develops strong internal points using energy and vibrational fields.
  • Works with the expanded consciousness of archetypal patterns.
  • Creates a safe and forgiving space for people that heals and reveals the Divine.
  • Acts as a ceremonial conduit between Spirit & matter
  • Honors and celebrates the sacredness of daily life
  • Is willing to own their power-to go beyond the limits of the known and walks between the worlds
  • Is a multidimensional being


A Madonna Bishop gives selfless service to their Ministry:

  • Is in alignment with the tenants and beliefs of the Madonna Ministry
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the Ministry
  • Demonstrates a willingness to take on increasing leadership roles
  • Is responsible to those he/she ordains
  • Gives energetic support to the Madonna Ministry
  • Is a co-creative, active participant within the Madonna Ministry
  • Exhibits humor, flexibility, passion, wisdom and the ability to participate in the group endeavor.



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