Madonna Ministry International

Mary Message - June 2005

Letters from Mary

The Christ Consciousness Personified

received through Bishop Kay Wiltse

In the individual life experience of humanity, certain factors exist which are being transmuted by the higher, finer energy frequencies that are now prevalent upon Mother Earth. These finer bands of energetic frequencies hold within them the very nature of the soul’s awakening process. There is no mistake, nor is there a possibility of not engaging fully in the evolutionary process.

The process is one which truly inspires humanity to sit up, take notice and begin the journey of the soul. Many of you who are reading these words have, long ago, embarked upon the spiritual quest. Many more are remembering for the first time during this particular lifetime the joy of the awakening of Spirit within you. I bid you follow the joy within you to the Divine that is intrinsic within the very nature of your soul.

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Mary Message - October 2003

The Source

As shared through her messenger, Samarah

Dearest children, you often ask, “Where is my Source? Where is Mother Mary? Where is God? Where is Jesus when I need Him?”

Today, I would also like you to ask, “Where is my inner strength and Source and how can I co-create from this powerful and limitless Source within?”

Within your being is the powerful fountain of love that you seek. Here is the beginning of a life of mastery and mystery that will lead you to places and people that allow your gifts to be shared and your light to blaze ever more brightly. Here is your peace and I promise, here is your salvation.

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Blessed Virgin Mary

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