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The Chalice of Healing & Blessing: holding the Flame of Love, Healing, and Peace that generates profound healing for both the individual requesting a prayer and the recipient.

As we hold each Beloved in the Sacred Space of knowing that they are profoundly well and at Peace, we connect all to the Divine Matrix of Healing, in Union with the One, the I AM that I AM Presence, and the Blessings of the Divine Mother, Divine Father, the Angelic Realm, the Overlighting Devas of Healing, and the Masters and Healers! And So It Is!

Request a Blessing/Prayer
Send the name(s) of loved ones who you are requesting healing prayers for at this time. Your request will be posted here and emailed to all Circle Subscribers so they may send blessings for the highest good of all.

Please list only the FIRST NAME of the person (for their privacy). Allow at least two days for the posting of your blessing request on our website.

Send Blessings

1. View the Blessing Listings and send your loving energy and prayers.

2. Or subscribe to the Blessing Circle and receive emails of all new requests.

A Blessing:
From the Point of Light in the Heart of the Divine Presence, from the Birth place of the Infinite Love of the Divine Mother and Divine Father, From the Depth and Vastness of the Light and Wisdom of all Sentient Beings where all Ascended Masters and Buddha’s dwell: Allow your Self to accept the Shower of Radiant Light, Dispensation of Grace, and the Gifts of Divine Blessings! Allow these Gifts from the Divine Mother, Divine Father, and all the Angels, Masters & Buddha’s to fill you with Grace and Life. Let it renew you, refill you, refuel you – in every cell, molecule, and atom of your Body, Mind and Spirit! Hear the Singing of each of your cells echoing the Angelic Choirs and the Music of the Spheres. Feel your entire Being vibrate to a higher Frequency, Calling, and Being! You are purified, sanctified, and WHOLE. KNOW that you are reborn in Joy, Peace and LOVE!

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