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The Self-Love Series Part 5: The Complexity and Psychology of Self-Esteem

SL Pt5 Cover

Assessing self-esteem can be quite problematic. The issue lies in the fact that self-esteem can fluctuate on a moment to moment basis throughout the day. It is also often related to a role or function. Some people can have millions of dollars while also battling social anxiety or depression. Others are excellent at dating but […]

Pilgrimage. More like compulsion.

Saturday, July 24, 2021, I drove over to the Medicine Wheel National Historic Landmark. It took me over an hour to get there even though I am relatively close. There were just a few large mountains in the way. Around is longer but necessary sometimes. This Medicine Wheel is located at the top of a […]

A Practice of Prayer

Mother Father God, We come to you today, seeking wisdom so that we may all be in your divine will. Help us to learn the way of Love. For you are made of Love. Assist us in ways to show your love to all those in your daily path, as an example of you. We […]