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Octogenarian Wisdom

My grandkids think I am wise. What I see in my grandkids and my great grandkids is that each generation comes into the world seems brighter and more aware. We all learn by being taught from families, schools, cultures, mores and ethics. We learn to be nice, careful, kind and considerate. We also learn to […]

Charlie’s Principles

From the desk of Charlie Sommer, MMI Emeritus Consultant 1. There is one Power, one Presence, one Life, and One Intelligence that is expressing Itself everywhere. 2. We understand all beings are individualized expressions of this one eternal, universal Spirit called by many names such as God, Source, Allah, Father-Mother, Jehovah, Great White Spirit, Absolute, […]

A FREE Tool That Will Change Your Life!

We are living at an incredible time and anyone that is following the spiritual path knows that the earth is changing, which in effect, propels human beings to evolve/change as well. There is no escaping. Those that are resisting the changes because they are not aware of what is going on, their lives will show […]