We are not stating that all branches should resume ceremonies immediately, but if you are feeling that call to do so in the near future, please take these things into consideration. While we understand our sacred medicines and how they take care of us, we must also understand the importance of taking care of our physical vessels in the best and safest way.

Please also see the sample waiver for members in the link.

In addition to the enhanced safety protocols that are applicable to those sitting in Ceremony and which are shared via the link in the description below, we also have enhanced safety protocols for us (Server and Guardians) to implement, including but not limited to:

1. We removed the prayer books and pens, because those are normally shared.

2. We are not passing the Vine during Ceremony Orientation or the Sharing Circle.

3. We removed adornments (feathers, etc) from our Vine talking stick, cleaned it, and will adorn it and use it again when the pandemic ends.

4. We do not pass a jar of Sacrament during the opening Prayers.

5. Nothing is shared, including hugs.

6. We use disposable medicine cups.

7. We approach each person at a distance and place Sacrament between us.

8. After drinking, each person places their cup in a trash bin that we bring to them.

9. We provide masks, hand sanitizer, alcohol, bandanas, etc.

10. Each person places their mask and bandana in the laundry basket after the morning Sharing Circle, and they are washed and dried.

11. Fresh masks and bandanas are provided for each Ceremony, including for those still onsite and sitting again.

12. We take and log each person’s temperature upon arrival, and prior to each Ceremony, even if they are sitting again.

13. We take care when tending to purge buckets during Ceremony, and when washing

14. We are not accepting or sharing requests for ride shares since we cannot confirm quarantine status, health, etc.

15. The Home, Temple, and Lodges are closed so there are no enclosed group spaces.

16. We are only serving outdoor, fireside, campout Ceremonies with approximately 10 feet between people.

17. We often disinfect the porta potty, hand washing station, water, and tea dispensers.

18. We disinfect the back-jack seats and yoga mats, and wash the blankets.

19. Our closing group photos are taken with space between people.

20. Three of us that have been quarantined together are serving a limit of 6 people per Ceremony.

21. Anyone not sitting again that evening, must depart immediately after the morning Sharing Circle, so there is no hanging out together.

22. In advance, each person must affirm understanding and agreement to our enhanced safety protocols for sitters via the link/google form in the email below.

Please click link here to see waiver information.

We are very grateful to Valerie for her work on this and hope that you will implement as many of these guidelines as possible for upcoming ceremonies. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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