Calling all gardeners! It’s Spring, though it doesn’t often feel it here in Southern New England.  Time to oil up the garden tools and get digging.

For those with little experience growing their own plants, I recommend getting established plants from your local gardening center.  Make sure your soil is loose to allow roots room to grow.  Mulch well after you water the first time so the moisture is held in the soil.  Water daily until well established or your plants will die.

Here in New England, dandelions are still blooming.

Most people see them as weeds but we herbalist see them as a source of beautiful skin oil!!!

Make your own oil by picking just the heads of the flowers and putting them in a glass jar, plastic won’t do.

Add oil, I prefer Organic Virgin Olive Oil, and set the jar in a very sunny place indoors or outside for two weeks.

At the end of two weeks, filter the flowers out with a sieve then re-filter with a coffee filter in the sieve to make sure no flower parts remain in the oil.

This is important because they will contaminate the oil and it will easily go rancid. Once filtered, keep it tightly capped.

You can use it plain as a body oil or add sea salt to use as an exfoliant.  It can be used daily or as needed for dry skin to give it that healthy glow.


Hope you’ll try this easy recipe, you won’t regret it and your skin will glow with health.

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Blessings, Pauli, the Spiritual Herbalist