From the desk of Charlie Sommer, MMI Emeritus Consultant

1. There is one Power, one Presence, one Life, and One Intelligence that is expressing Itself
2. We understand all beings are individualized expressions of this one eternal, universal Spirit
called by many names such as God, Source, Allah, Father-Mother, Jehovah, Great White Spirit,
Absolute, Triune God, Lord Buddha, Lord Christ, and that which is nameless.
3. God is Love-Light-Power
4. Within the labyrinth of ordinary consciousness resides the experience of duality that is
transformed by the attainment of cosmic consciousness, Unity.
5. Mystical union with the One is found by seeking the resemblance of God. There are many paths
and many examples of saints, sages, enlighten brothers and sisters whose examples light our way.
6. Any act, which causes one to garner a greater appreciation and awareness of Essential
Divinity, is a sacred act.
7. Awakening to one’s true nature is fostered by simple acts of kindness, prayer, meditation,
chanting, devotion, faith, selfless service, right human relation, and by expressing one’s
creativity in beneficial ways.
8. Good will, unconditional Love, gratitude, spiritual discernment, forgiveness and humility
foster direct revelation of enlightened understanding.
9. Insights and Intuitions are direct perceptions of truth.