My grandkids think I am wise. What I see in my grandkids and my great grandkids is
that each generation comes into the world seems brighter and more aware.

We all learn by being taught from families, schools, cultures, mores and ethics. We
learn to be nice, careful, kind and considerate. We also learn to do things for survival.
At birth in 1935 I was 4lbs, flushed out of my Mother’s womb hydraulically and
immediately had a blood transfusion. This necessity resulted because of an Rh negative
factor. This is not the experience I had hoped for.

As you all know, we elders have experienced much of life… We have learned much
from observation and experience. What I know is Love unifies—Fear separates!
How many frightening experiences have you had? Many I am sure. We often pursue
scary adventures when life gets boring or we unwittingly create hostility by making
others or ourselves wrong.

Life’s natural calamities affect us as well as those of our own making such as wars,
climate change, nuclear waste dumps, poverty and some diseases.

Our humanized version of God or gods has taught us to fear or to love, to divide or to
unit us. Ironically religions can teach us to do both?

What I understand is that God is Life. (gods and goddess are expressions of Life) This
Thing called Life, this Essence, this Spirit is all pervasive, everlasting and True. That
means it is in all of us, now and forevermore. Amen and So It IS!

Discovering the resemblance of God has been an interesting journey.

Next blog will discuss the subject: God or Life is not absorbed by It’s creations.
What does that mean?


From the desk of Charlie Sommer, MMI Emeritus Consultant