Octogenarian Wisdom

Life (God) is not absorbed by It’s Creation

Being in my body for 85+ years I have discovered a very important concept which is that “God” is not being absorbed by Its creation. It took me several years to understand this . I’ll do my best to explain what it means. How it is applicable to each of us desiring to live a more harmonious life.

We start with the premise that there is only one Creator. This Life Force, or Essence, is in all creation. As individuals, we too can say that we are created. Our physical bodies are always changing. The Essence or Life Force, that resides everywhere, resides in us as us. This is Permanent, Changeless and never dies.

So what are the implications? What does this mean? It means that the Absolute Power and Presence can only know Itself. It does not get lost in Its own creation. If we wish to know more about what is permanent and everlasting, we must seek the resemblance of all that is Good or Godlike within ourselves.

We can intentionally look beyond appearances, to awaken, to be infused or absorbed in expressing the Greater Good. This results in the right relationships, it prompts us to forgive, and produces more harmony within our ever changing-reality. We can seek Its invisible Presence. Like our breath, we can’t see it, yet we depend on it.

So what is the message ? This means all of the Intelligence, all of the Love, all of the Creative Power is right where we are. Some call this the indwelling Temple, Omni-active Love/Intelligence or simply our soul. Our soul is likened to an individual unit of awareness going through a human experience. A few deep breaths can quiet the mind during stress.

This Intelligent Life is not only indwelling in us, it is us. When our physical bodies serve their purpose, they are discarded-released. Yet the released body keeps changing forms. The one constant in phenomena is change. That which is permanent is our “godlikeness”. “God is never lostabsorbed.” When we get lost in our challenges there is a way to find relief.

Next blog: Tools that help us find relief in rapidly changing times.

Charlie Sommer

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